Movek Group is a company based on Estonian private capital. Production takes place in Haapsalu, Tennise 1a and representation is in Tallinn, Laki 25.

With more than 25 year installation experience, Movek Group OÜ is the oldest heat pump system builder in Estonia. We have installed more than 3,500 heat pumps with capacities ranging from 4 to 400 kW supplying heat by different means from the ground with ground and spiral collectors, from the water bodies, ground water, residual heat of ventilation, waste water, rain water, technological residual heat and geothermal wells. We have combined the heat pump systems with other fuel types – solid fuel, oil, gas and central heating. Different solutions have also used solar panels.

Movek Group OÜ uses mainly different Gapsal models of own heat pump range in their heat pump solutions. In addition to Gapsal heat pump range, we also represent German company Glen Dimplex GmbH, from which broad product range we use air-water, water-water, domestic water heat pumps, ventilation plants and components of ventilation systems. We also install different type solar panels produced by Swedish company SoleEnergiTeknik AB – gas rod vacuum tubes, flat panels and PV panels; we use Swedish company Borö AB water heaters, LK Armatur AB sanitary engineering components, Värmebaronen AB electrical boilers. 

For more than twenty years, Movek Group OÜ represented Swedish company Thermia Värme AB in Estonia. Currently our cooperation has ended but we still maintain and provide technical support for all Thermia heat pump customers.,, , www.boroe,com,, 

Long term installation experience and equipment with high quality technical properties ensure heating and domestic water for decades in homes using environmental energy sustainably.

Movek Group has strong technical basis and is known for its capability to develop technically complicated heat pump heating systems. The company emphasizes most suitable and correct solution for the customer and has developed well functioning customer support.Majority of the Movek Group employees have passed the Uponor Eesti OÜ interior installer training, refrigeration training of Estonian Maritime Academy and environmental training of refrigeration mechanic in Estonian Refrigeration Association and ESPL's (Estonian Heat pump Association) training on buildings’ heat loss and heat pump dimensioning.

The aim of the company is to ensure efficiently functioning long life economical heating system meeting the customer needs. The customer who selects Gapsal, selects environmental sustainability, reliability, comfort and long term economy of resources.