Please attach your data /first and surname or company name, e-mail and phone) to the notification about an error.

Please describe the error.

Please read the owner’s necessary activities for removal of an error before informing about the error. Check that the input of heat pump has all three phases. For further activity, switch the heat pump off the power network.  Check the mud strainer on the return of heating system and land collector, if needed, clean the strainer. Follow that the heating system pressure is 1.5 bar, if needed, add water to the heating system by using the filler tap. 3/4 of the expansion tank of collector must be filled. If needed, add heat transfer fluid. Close the cock under the expansion tank, remove the safety valve on the expansion tank, charge the expansion tank through the funnel to the necessary extent, close the expansion tank with safety valve carefully by following the fit of the valve’s thread and the expansion tank thread. Open the cock under the expansion tank.

Please inform about the errors on our homepage, via e-mail on our prinipal address, calling our office phone +372 47 20260. Answering machine answers the phone during extra hours. The error will be liquidated as soon as possible form the moment of receiving the error message through any channel.